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Hey. I'm Cynthia.

The face behind Studio Luum, an interior design studio specializing in the design of private, commercial and public spaces.

I was born in Mexico and that's where my love for colors began. Since I was a child, I was always looking for new ways to create things and explore the world of design and art. The dream of sharing my love for creation with the world led me to study architecture at UNAM University in Mexico City. ​


When I moved to Israel, I was determined to integrate into Israeli society. I learned Hebrew and after a year I enrolled in interior design studies at Shenkar College, graduating with honors. ​


Over the years, I learned to listen to the clients and find the colors, textures and materials that best represent them. All this will be translated into precise plans, 3D models and detailed explanations for the different professionals in order to implement the shared vision.


My unique approach always leads me to find the perfect balance between color, functionality and aesthetics to create spaces full of personality that evoke emotions and tell a story.

סינתיה גואדרמה - מעצבת פנים - סטודיו לום
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